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  1. addonsrus

    Stealth Extended

    This update is based on this project The original tutorial is available from the official Unity site here: If you want to follow the tutorial from scratch in Unity 5.x before you...
  2. addonsrus

    Survival Shooter Extended

    This project was created here Based on the official tutorial available here: i have just made a few changes to what has been added...
  3. addonsrus

    QuizMaster: sort option

    i see what you mean i can make it where the questions are random like the leagues thats easy to sort out.
  4. addonsrus

    QuizMaster: sort option

    will have a look at adding this but it will not be added to the questions as they are randomly selected for playing the quizzes
  5. addonsrus

    Kayako Integration

    Updated this to have show new tickets within the modbar and added some dropdown menus for staff to show New tickets My Tickets ( tickets you are assigned to ) Unassigned tickets
  6. addonsrus

    Kayako Integration

    Compatible XF Versions: 1.3 1.4 Additional Requirements: You will need kayako support system installed Visible Branding: Yes This is a Kayako loginshare and simple Integration into your forum system. Your users will be able to login with there forum username and password without having to...