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    Hi all

    As you would have seen is that we have added a new add-on called bingo.
    This works on a points system bingo points and you earn bingo points by posting in the forums.

    You then can use these BP to play bingo and earn more BP.

    I will be looking in ways you can use these BP not just for bingo but for other games that i will be making.
    I will also add these BP to the quiz system so you can charge a fee to play a quiz and they earn points for right answers and loss points for wrong answers.

    There will be many ways you will be able to use the BP but for now they can only be used for the Bingo add-on.

    Please try the bingo add-on out and post your feed back and good luck trying to beat the computer at there own game.
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    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    so i hope to have this released later tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.
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    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    Here are some screenshots

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