1. adonismale

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    Hello, I am definitely looking into the purchase of Quiz Master when I convert over to XenForo. It was a lot of fun going through your examples of quizzes!

    Some general questions:
    1. Is it possible to include text and images in the question? I saw text only and images only, but not sure about both.
    2. Is it possible to include images in the answers?
    3. When creating a question, do you allow admins to enter all four responses at once to save time? I've tried other quiz systems for other software and they require you to manually add an answer one by one, which is too time consuming.
    4. Is it possible to hide the timer until the last X seconds? I find it distracting that the timer is constantly counting down (or maybe there are other options for an alternate timer)
    5. Is it possible to not show results until the very end? Right now, you show results immediately after answering the question, which can be disruptive.
    6. Is it possible to have a timer for the entire quiz? For example, after 60 seconds the entire quiz automatically stops and your results are tallied.
    7. Do you offer categories for quizzes? Not high on my priority list, but just wondering.

    5. Do you integrate with any trophy or credits system? Do you have blocks that integrate with any widget frameworks or portals?
  2. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome

    Will try and answer your questions as best i can for you.

    1. you can use text and images in the questions
    2. have not tried adding images to the answers yet but will have a look into this for you
    3. when adding questions and answers you can add the answers to the question in one go and add extra fields per questions
    4. the timer cannot be hidden at this time and there are no plans on removing the timer as its needed for timing users out if they walk away from there pc you can set how long the timer counts down in the quiz settings.
    5. you can choose not to show results of a question within the quiz settings but this will not show them at the end eva.
    6. microquiz system that was released sometime ago by another user was set this way and users did not like the timer for the hole quiz so this was why its been made this way and the timer will remain on each question.
    7. you can put quizzes into categories yes as they are here
    8. at this time the quiz system integrates with the xenforo's trophys system yes it does not at this time integrate with any credit systems but this is planed.
    Hope this helps you out and that i'v answered all your questions.
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  3. adonismale

    adonismale Member

    This is great, I look forward to future development of your Quiz Master!
  4. talaai1206

    talaai1206 Member

    How can i add images in the questions? I thought it is possible, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    will post here in a few hours how to do this just got back from 3 days away at work.
  6. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    this is how to add the images to a quiz

    What game is this<br /><br/><img border="0" width="300px" src="http://www.bangersandnash.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/0022.Cluedo1965Board.jpg" />
    add this to the question text area for images
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