1. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    I have installed a new add-on called match master to this forum that i have been making.

    You have to match two cards the same and complete the hole game
    this has multi levels per game starting of easy then getting harder as you move up the levels.

    Try it out here http://www.addonsrus.com/index.php?MatchMaster/ and let me know what you think.
  2. nguyenquocuy

    nguyenquocuy Member

    I do not think that our students or pupils will like it for any reason. It's quite simple. What do u think about create game, which is based on quizzes.
    Did u play Clash of Clan?
    Can u make a button, which help users to add some questions ( which they answered correctly) to their "Defending questions" on their profile. They can share it, or others can see and attack it. If others win, they lose some points, if others lose, they win some points. We can sort people based on their points.
    I would love to attack my friends ( which i followed), answer their question. Then we will have something to talk in real life. I think it would be interesting.

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